The Pentateuch

  Conveners: Todd Patterson, Michael Cox      Email conveners

We’re exploring the five books of Moses through historical background, diachronic and synchronic studies, and theological interpretation, with particular attention given to integrating these methods toward a better understanding of the Pentateuch itself or the role of the Pentateuch in Biblical Theology.

We will be featuring invited papers in 2021 on an absolute dating of D. For more information, contact the conveners.

Session schedule:
5 minutes Intro: Michael Cox/Todd Patterson
35 Paper 1: Bill T. Arnold: Deuteronomy as the Ipsissima Vox of Moses: An Update
10 Response: Sandra Richter
35 Paper 2: Kaz Hayashi: The Shape of Deuteronomy in Chronicles: An Evaluation of Deuteronomy’s terminus ante quem
10 Response: Benjamin Giffone
25 discussion