IBR Unscripted

  Contact: Holly Beers

IBR Unscripted gives biblical scholars a chance to present exciting research in a TED-talk style format, usually on Saturday morning of our annual meeting. Scholars speak without notes and are encouraged to use a variety of media to help the audience interact with their ideas, followed by a generous time for discussion.

Saturday November 20, 2021

9:00–11:30 am
Room TBD


Daniel I. Morrison, All Saints Anglican Church, Springfield, MO

“Where We Must Go from Here: Reading Acts as a Guide for Ethnic Relations”


Richard Middleton, Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College

“Did Abraham Pass the Test in Genesis 22? Unbinding the Aqedah from the Straitjacket of Tradition”


Brittany Kim, Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College

“Theological Educators as Priests, Midwives, and Freedom Fighters: Seeking a More Inclusive Pedagogy”