Biblical Theology

  Conveners: stephen presley, Brandon Smith      Email conveners

This research group brings into conversation the various ways Biblical Theology has been conceived along with careful exegetical engagement with the text of Scripture. The aim of the group is to provide an ongoing forum for discussion and publication of exegetically driven interpretation of Scripture that recognizes the entire Bible as the ultimate context within which such exegesis is contextualized. Furthermore we seek exegetical exploration that is critically aware of the biblical-theological methodology, hermeneutical perspectives, and theological disciplines that support such interpretation.

In 2020 the Biblical Theology section will host a session on the relationship between biblical theology and the biblical canon. The section will offer four invited papers that will reflect on the ways that the concept of canon shapes the methodological and theological perspectives of biblical theology.

  • Stephen Presley, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Presiding (5 min)
  • Matthew Y. Emerson, Oklahoma Baptist University
    Biblical Theology, Canonical Shape, and Chalcedonian Christology (20 min)
  • Ched Spellman, Cedarville University
    The Biblical Canon as Biblical Theology: Exploring the Relationship Between Composition, Canonical Context, and the Task of Biblical Theology (20 min)
  • Darian Lockett, Biola University
    Interpreting the Recontextualized Text: The Canonical Shape of Biblical Theology (20 min)
  • Mark S. Gignilliat, Samford University
    Biblical Theology: Is It Still a Bridge Discipline? (20 min)
  • Brandon D. Smith, Cedarville University, Presiding
  • Discussion (35 min)
Due to COVID-19, this group is postponing meeting until 2021

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