Early Historical Books (Joshua–Kings)

  Conveners: Kenneth Way, David Firth, Ralph Hawkins      Email conveners

This Research Group is focused on the Old Testament historical books that are set in the pre-exilic period, including the so-called deuteronomistic history as well as the book of Ruth. Emphasis is placed on historical-cultural and literary-theological approaches to interpretation.

In keeping with our vision to facilitate research on leadership and authority in Joshua–Kings, we had an open call for papers this year on theocracy, kingship, or monarchy.

  • Kenneth C. Way, Talbot School of Theology (Biola University), Presiding (5 min)
  • Brandon M. Hurlbert, Durham University
    Judge, King, or Priest? Rethinking the Argument for Kingship in Judges 17–21
     (20 min)
  • David Firth, Trinity College Bristol
    Critical Views of Wisdom in Samuel’s Revolt Narratives
     (20 min)
  • Charlie Trimm, Talbot School of Theology (Biola University)
    Imperialism and the Israelite Kingship: The Narrator’s Critique of David’s Behavior as King in His International Wars
     (20 min)
  • David B. Schreiner, Wesley Biblical Seminary
    Between Contrastive and Macro-causal Tendencies: Comparative Historiography in Kings
     (20 min)
  • J. Michael Thigpen, Phoenix Seminary
    Repentance and the Monarchy: Divine Motive, Forgiveness, and the Mitigation of Punishment in Kings
     (20 min)
  • Discussion (15 min)

 This group is meeting online December 7, 10am–12pm.