Multidisciplinary Approaches and the Gospels

  Sponsors: Elizabeth Shively, Chris Porter      Email sponsors

This group explores various multidisciplinary methods as they are applied to the study of the Gospels. This group was formerly titled Identity Formation and the New Testament.

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (CT)
Room: Virtual/Online

In 2021 we are issuing a general call for papers that engage a range of disciplinary approaches - especially focused on the social science - to the Gospels.

Elizabeth E. Shively, University of St. Andrews, Presiding

Christopher A. Porter, Trinity College Theological School
Sleeping in the Storm: Assessing the Intertextual Memory Primes for the Jonah Narrative from Mark 4:35-41 (20 min)

Julie Newberry, Wheaton College (Illinois)
Intertextuality and Intersectionality in Gospel Studies: The Case of Elizabeth (Luke 1) (20 min)

Jeannine Hanger, University of Aberdeen
The Sound and Smells of Death and Life: A Sensory Analysis of John 11:1-12:8 (20 min)

Jan Rüggemeier, University of Bern
The Woman who Anoints Jesus as Transworld Character: How a Cognitive Science Approach Enriches the Interpretation of Gospel Character (20 min)

Discussion (40 min)