The Relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament

  Conveners: Gareth Cockerill, Creig Marlowe      Email conveners

This study group explores various themes related to the nature of the relationship between the Old Testament and New Testament and their function as Christian Scripture independently and inter-textually. A scholarly approach is applied to both traditional and trendy views.

This research group focuses on a variety of related issues such as, but not limited to: (1) the way in which the Old Testament prepares for the New and the New Testament appropriates the Old. (2) the use made of various Old Testament passages in the New, (3) the way in which various New Testament writers interpret the Old, and (4) the way in which Christians have understood the unity of the Bible and the continuing relevance of the Old Testament.

Theme for 2021: Hebrews as a Guide for Understanding the OT
Papers will be by invitation.